Who We Are

English is among the most versatile and interesting of majors, and the English program at Keene State College is an exciting and challenging one. We are passionate about expanding your literary and creative horizons: this includes introducing you to literature from a variety of traditions and also fostering your own writing talent in a number of genres. Our faculty are dedicated teachers who take particular pleasure in sharing our love and regard for language and the written word with our students. It is important to us to foster your growth as individuals, citizens, and professionals through class discussions and lectures, writing workshops, student presentations, interaction with visiting authors and scholars, field trips, production of in-house journals, and engagement with the local community.

What We Do

Even as we help our students grow as readers, critics, and writers, we also prepare them for an ever-evolving job market. To be an outstanding writer in any field, one has to use language creatively and inventively. Our students have learnt to carry over the linguistic and analytical skills that they pick up in English courses ranging from Medieval Literature to Modernist Literature, from Poetry Workshop to Creative Non-fiction Writing to real-life work situations. Students also do outstanding work producing professional documents in our Professional Writing and Internship classes. Studies consistently show that English majors graduate with a range of skills that can be applied to a variety of professional settings. Many of our students choose to be English-Secondary Education majors and go on to successfully get jobs in teaching. Others apply their reading, writing, research, and critical skills in fields ranging from digital marketing to advertising to public relations.

Keene State faculty, staff, alumni, and students have come up with a list of “Forty things to do before you graduate.” One of them is “Read a book by your professor.” We, in the English Department, think books in general are fantastic! And we particularly invite you to sample one written by one of the English faculty. All of us are also critics and scholars who have contributed widely to our various fields of literary study with critical works and monographs, or are practicing creative writers who have published poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. By forming close research and artistic relationship with our students, we hope to share the joys and wonders of scholarly and creative endeavor.

We hope that will join us. If you would like more information about the major, please contact the chair of the department, Professor Brinda Charry, at bcharry@keene.edu.