The English department offers English majors as well as non-majors the following minors:

Literature In this minor students read a range of literary texts from various cultures, traditions, and historical periods. They consider how historical, social, and cultural contexts shape literary works and they examine current debates and issues in the field of English studies.

Creative Writing The minor in creative writing helps develop an essential skill, and offers students a means of pursuing their own interests in the field. Students may choose to focus primarily on fiction and poetry, may concentrate on nonfiction writing, or may combine these genres. All students in the last year of their program to complete and submit a portfolio of revised and selected work.

Professional Writing This minor brings together courses offered by the college in English, Computer Science, Journalism, and Art.

Medieval and Early Modern Studies This minor focuses on the cultural and social interactions of various peoples of those eras. The program is international in scope and range, giving students a better understanding of the kinds of exchanges that take place when different cultures come into contact, and providing them with the tools and knowledge to understand the history and dynamics of a globalized world.

Minors are five courses (20 credits). The Keene State College Catalog lists the required courses for students in our minors.