The English faculty emphasizes critical thinking, the analysis of texts, clear and effective writing, aesthetic appreciation, and theoretical sophistication. We value small class sizes and personal contact between faculty and students, and we work closely with students as academic advisors to plan the course of study. Faculty members also guide students to consider such opportunities as a semester of study abroad or a writing internship.

In addition to fostering a lifelong appreciation of literature and language and a high degree of literacy, a degree in English provides a range of personal and professional opportunities. Surveys of employers consistently stress the value of the skills we teach: the ability to communicate effectively with others, to think critically and creatively, to read carefully, and to write with clarity and purpose. English majors go on to graduate and professional schools; they work in the field of teaching; they become writers; and they are employed in publishing, journalism, business, public relations, library science, and many other fields.

Each student must demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English as specified by the Language Requirement for Students with Majors in the School of Arts and Humanities. The Integrative Studies Requirements isĀ 40 credits minimumĀ so students have 40 credits of electives to meet the 120 credit requirement for the Bachelor of Arts